Month: January 2015

Fil-Am Cuisine


A family-owned place that’s not necessarily the cleanest, but their food is delicious overall and very cheap. They give generous portions for their skewers, which are super tender and flavorful. I didn’t like that some of the meat was burnt though (as you can see above). There is little seating and the place is small to begin with, so I suggest getting your food to go!

Fil-Am Cuisine
66 School St.
Daly City, CA 94014

Boba Time

My favorite boba place in SoCal!

Sweet Potato Smoothie

Sweet Potato Smoothie

And no, I am not biased towards this place just because they have sweet potato smoothie. Their sweet potato smoothie actually tastes just like the ones I make at home hehe ^__^

I like how big their menu is and that they provide pictures of almost everything on their website. Not only can you order drinks such as milk tea, iced tea, coffee, and smoothies, but you can also get frozen yogurt, shaved ice, and shaved snow! I have yet to try their desserts, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that their drinks are consistently good. I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll like here!

Boba Time
Multiple locations in Socal

Lilly’s Taqueria

Do you guys remember Tacos El Gordo? I think they’ll always be my favorite taco place since they were the first to make me like tacos. Unfortunately, they don’t have a location here in Santa Barbara, but Lilly’s Taqueria easily takes second place in my book.

Their menu is very simple because unlike many taquerias that offer other food such as burritos and nachos, Lilly’s literally only makes tacos!


And they sure do well at it. (more…)

Tsujita LA

Tsujita LA is known as “one of the best” places to get ramen in Los Angeles. Their most popular dish is tsukemen, a type of Japanese ramen that consists of dipping the noodles into a separate bowl of soup.


This review is solely on their tsukemen. All I can say is that it does not live up to the hype because despite the rave reviews, I was quite disappointed in this place. (more…)

Happy 2015!!

Hope you all have been having a great year so far. The first post of this year goes to my favorite fast food place – In N Out! In fact, this is the only fast food I like.

Okay, let me be honest. ‘Like’ is an understatement because I actually LOOOVE this place!!

I may have a slight problem though because I’ve had In N Out SIX times in the past SIX weeks… yesterday being the sixth time l o l. Although it is on the healthier end of fast food, I think I should restrain myself before this streak becomes an unhealthy addiction. Gotta lose the belly I’ve gained over the holidays, after all!


Left to Right: Animal Fries, Double Double, Cheeseburger

But just look at that. Freshly baked buns, patties handmade with high quality (and never frozen!) beef, hand-leafed lettuce, real American cheese, and fresh tomatoes and onion.. How can you resist?! (more…)