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Coffee | korea

People here love to get coffee before or after a meal, but did you know that according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control, Koreans consume coffee more than they eat kimchi or rice? Crazy right?? Some people even purposely spend less on food so that they have more to buy coffee.

You’ll be able to find coffee wherever you are in Korea because there is always some kind of cafe on every block, whether it’s a chain or a local business. I thought it was extreme when I noticed that on vacation here three years ago, but there are even more now. I am an avid lover of coffee (especially drip), but the number of shops everywhere still surprises me despite the fact I’ve been here for two months now.

If you want coffee in Korea, be prepared for the prices because coffee is expensive here.

Left: Americano Right: Capuccino

Americano x Cappuccino

The go-to drink for most coffee drinkers in Korea is the americano, which is made up of espresso and hot water. A basic americano usually costs 4,800won, which is about $4.50 (I say ‘basic’ because I’ve seen places offer French americanos but idk what that means). And believe it or not, some places even charge up to ~$10! (more…)


Today, an interesting article came up on my FB feed. Many of you probably saw it too.

First, let me tell you how MSG works. MSG acts as a nerve stimulant that changes the behavior of your taste buds. Known as a flavor enhancer, it has the power to make something nasty taste amazing!

Before, I used to have a lot of respect for restaurants who had “No MSG” signs on their windows. “No MSG” told me that I wouldn’t be tricked into thinking their food is good. Little did I know at the time that MSG (monosodium glutamate) has over 40+ hidden names..! (more…)

Okinawan Sweet Potatoes


Also known as Hawaiian sweet potatoes, these purple jewels are zeeee best. Like other sweet potatoes, they have high nutritional value. (more…)