Month: August 2014

Mo Ran Gak

Wow, today was hot. You know what would’ve been nice to have today?
A nice big bowl of naengmyun.

Bibim Naengmyun (Spicy Cold Noodles)

Bibim Naengmyun (Spicy Cold Noodles)

Mo Ran Gak’s food and service are top notch(more…)

Okinawan Sweet Potatoes


Also known as Hawaiian sweet potatoes, these purple jewels are zeeee best. Like other sweet potatoes, they have high nutritional value. (more…)


Kiraku, an izakaya located in Berkeley, literally means ‘to relax.’ As its name suggests, this Japanese tapas restaurant provides a casual place for people to come and relax after a long day with a wide range of food and drinks.

Tsukemono Sampler: Spicy Jellyfish, Tako Wasa, Seared Spicy Cod Roe

Tsumami Sampler: Spicy Jellyfish, Takowasa, Seared Spicy Cod Roe

Service was very good before we even ordered our food. The moment we were seated, we were given warm towels to wipe our hands before the meal.

This tsumami sampler was a nice way to start our meal and stir up our appetite. (more…)

Good News

I’ve been reunited with my camera!! You know what that means? You get to see some of the yummy food my friends and I had at Outside Lands a week and a half ago ^____^

Pork Belly Burger

Pork Belly Burger

Food was pricey, as it always is at festivals, but well worth it for items such as this pork belly burger ($8) and others:

Chimichurri Fries

Chimichurri Fries

Tater Tots

Spicy Tater Tots

Beer Sausage

Beer Sausage

Not pictured that I personally think was the best from the festival was the Gilroy Garlic Mac & Cheese! It was so garlicky, gooey, cheesy, and creamy, as good mac & cheese should be.

I only went one day this year, but I’m definitely interested in going to Outside Lands more than one day next year not only to have more time to enjoy the music, but to eat more food hehe. If you went this year, was there anything in particular that you liked? Leave a comment below!

Did You Know?

That Korea has a surplus of sweet potatoes?

You can find them everywhere!! Literally. Everywhere. And I love it ohhh man, do I love it. Even reading the word “sweet potato” on a menu makes me happy, so I was ecstatic to see it in so many places in Seoul!

To give you a look at what Korea has to offer:

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Danish

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Danish

Looking at pictures from my trip there a couple years ago makes me wanna go back so badly.. (more…)

Open Faced Sandwich


When I feel like instructions for easy-to-make food (like this open faced sandwich) are unnecessary, I’ll provide just a simple ingredients list like this one! Your sandwich will be ready in no time. (more…)

Purple Kow

Purple Kow is one of the most famous milk tea places in San Francisco.

Front: High Mountain Oolong Crema Back: Iced Milk

Front: High Mountain Oolong Crema
Back: Iced Milk

However, I believe this place is way overrated. The wait in line to order is super long. The wait to get your drink is even longer. And you think you’d be happy to finally get your drink after an hour wait, but nope, that happiness goes away as soon as you taste it because the drinks aren’t good either (sorry if I’m being too harsh here). I tried several different drinks from this place, hoping to find something I’d like, but all of them confirmed my feelings about this place. (more…)

Tadich Grill

Did you guys know that this is the oldest restaurant not only in SF, but in all of California?

What started off as a coffee stand during the Gold Rush is now one of the most popular restaurants in the bay. When you walk in, you get teleported back in time into an old school tavern-like restaurant and get greeted by waiters dressed up in white jackets. They’ll give you change for parking if you ask, check in on you in a timely manner, and even make jokes with you. I ordered the food for me and my boyfriend while he was filling up our meter, and the waiter said, “Wow, that’s a lot of food for one person! Are you sure you can finish all that?” (harharhar)

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

If it was just the complimentary sourdough bread they gave and this cup of clam chowder, yes I would’ve been able to finish it all by myself. Creamy, thick, and overloaded with clams, the clam chowder was delicious and very filling. (more…)


Craving sushi? Here’s a place in SF you could go to!

Live Scallop

Live Scallop

The nigiri were petite, as you can tell by comparing them to the lemon wedges. They were sweet and only needed a little ponzu sauce to enhance their flavor. (more…)

Tacos El Gordo

I never knew what was special about tacos until I came to this place. True story.

Abobada Fries

Abobada (Spicy Pork) Fries

Yes, these fries taste as good as they look, but their tacos are even better! I don’t have a picture of their tacos though, sahwee. (more…)