Yakitori Kokko

I love this place so much I try to come here every time I’m in the bay.


Everything is good, but here are some must-gets!!

  • fried garlic
  • grilled okra
  • grilled leeks
  • bacon wrapped tomatoes
  • croquettes
  • takowasa
  • tori soboro don



Kiraku, an izakaya located in Berkeley, literally means ‘to relax.’ As its name suggests, this Japanese tapas restaurant provides a casual place for people to come and relax after a long day with a wide range of food and drinks.

Tsukemono Sampler: Spicy Jellyfish, Tako Wasa, Seared Spicy Cod Roe

Tsumami Sampler: Spicy Jellyfish, Takowasa, Seared Spicy Cod Roe

Service was very good before we even ordered our food. The moment we were seated, we were given warm towels to wipe our hands before the meal.

This tsumami sampler was a nice way to start our meal and stir up our appetite. (more…)