Lilly’s Taqueria

Do you guys remember Tacos El Gordo? I think they’ll always be my favorite taco place since they were the first to make me like tacos. Unfortunately, they don’t have a location here in Santa Barbara, but Lilly’s Taqueria easily takes second place in my book.

Their menu is very simple because unlike many taquerias that offer other food such as burritos and nachos, Lilly’s literally only makes tacos!


And they sure do well at it. (more…)


“Honk, honk!”

This is a sound I hear almost everyday from “The Mexican Corn Man” as he walks up and down the streets of my neighborhood with a cart full of corn and mangoes. He usually makes a stop right outside my apartment, letting his presence be known loud and clear with his horn. For only $2, you can get a customized elote from this wonderful man. I equate the sound of his horn to that of an ice cream truck because it makes me feel all happy inside 🙂


Traditionally, this popular Mexican street food is served with mayonnaise, cojita cheese, and chili powder. It’s easy to make on your own! (more…)

Tacos El Gordo

I never knew what was special about tacos until I came to this place. True story.

Abobada Fries

Abobada (Spicy Pork) Fries

Yes, these fries taste as good as they look, but their tacos are even better! I don’t have a picture of their tacos though, sahwee. (more…)