Taste in Mediterranean Food

What’s good food without good service?

Customer service is extremely important in the food industry. No matter how delicious the food is, poor customer service will ultimately ruin your meal. If the food isn’t that great, service still has the power to elevate your meal. To put it simply – being in a good mood will make everything in life seem better (this doesn’t only apply to food!).


Perhaps it is because they are a family business, but Taste in Mediterranean has some of the warmest customer service I have ever received. They treat you as if you are their friends, which makes the food taste even better than it already does. You can not only tell how much they value their customers, but also taste the wholehearted love they put into their cooking.

When you come here, start off your meal with their fresh mint lemonade! This drink to me is like the pickles from the Goodwich. Like pickles, lemonade is something I usually stay away from. I avoid lemonade because it ends up making me more dehydrated (especially when it’s processed), buuut I do appreciate some that are made fresh. I would accept this place’s mint lemonade any day because it’s homemade, refreshing, and actually quenches my thirst!

But great drinks and customer service are just the cherry on top because they have theeee best Mediterranean food in the bay. Go with one of their combos so that you can try a lot of their food! For example, the left container in the picture above contains pita chips with hummus, cucumber/tomato salad, and assorted meat (chicken, beef, and lamb) with rice. The right container contains falafels, couscous, okra, eggplant, and dolmas.

If I had to choose only a few items from here, I would have pita chips and bread with their wonderfully creamy hummus, eggplant stew, and okra. And I would have them literally everyday if I could. Literally, literally.

Taste in Mediterranean Food
1199 Broadway Ste 1
Burlingame, CA 94010

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