the Goodwich

VEGAS. What does that make you think of?
Clubs, casinos, buffets, Fat Tuesdays, Earl’s, etc… am I right?

I honestly don’t think the buffets are worth it at Vegas, except Studio B. And the only thing good from Earl’s is their chipotle chicken avocado sandwich, but it’s given me tummy aches and indigestion all three times I’ve had it (from their bread or just something they use in their sandwich sad face). Fat Tuesdays are a yes though, especially the peach bellini hehe.

But I digress. Did you know some of the best food you can find in Vegas is located off the strip (like Studio B and Tacos El Gordo)? Correction: MOST of the best food is off the strip.

Next time you find yourself in Vegas, tell Earl’s to move aside because there’s a muuuch better sandwich place a short drive away. Just head downtown towards the Goodwich – a shack that’s located in a parking lot across a strip club!


Chicken Sandwich w/ Provolone, Spring Greens, Bacon, Tomato, and Ginger

Don’t be fooled by its location and appearance because not only do they have superb service, but they also have a creative sandwich menu that they execute flawlessly.

For example, it was really thoughtful of them to chop the ginger-marinated chicken into pieces because it made the sandwich much easier to eat (compared to as if it were a whole breast). Since the chicken was lightly flavored, the provolone was a good choice because it didn’t overpower it and the other ingredients. The tender chicken and the juicy tomatoes were the main focus of the sandwich, while the bacon bits enhanced it with its smokiness.

I tried some of my friends’ sandwiches too and loved all of them. Also, order their pickles!! I don’t normally like pickles but after hearing my friends talk about them, I just had to try them and unexpectedly kept reaching for more. They didn’t have that extremely sour flavor that most pickles have and instead were slightly sweet. Some people may find them expensive since it’s $2 for a sauce container of them, but they’re worth the price!

I don’t know what happens inside this tiny shack, but they sure know how to make sandwiches right.

the Goodwich
1516 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89104

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