Tatsu Ramen

One of the unique things about this place is their ordering system: you order and pay when you first walk in using one of the three iPads they have set up! You then seat yourselves and somehow they know what your order is (we didn’t have to show the waitress our receipt/number). A con about this system is that to tip with card, the choices for the amount are preset ($2, $4, or $6). To tip using card, there is a separate iPad by the door on your way out. They also have vegan-friendly ramen and sell merchandise such as shirts.


Soul Ramen

This place has appeared in the press, like LA Weekly, but despite the rave reviews, this place was just okaayyy.

The Soul Ramen ($12) has homemade tonkotsu broth, black garlic oil, sweet umami sauce, ground beef, wood ear mushrooms, and your choice of pork, chicken or tofu. The soft-boiled egg was an extra $1.50. My bf got their Bold Ramen ($11), which has the same tonkotsu broth but with 11 “bold” ingredients, and it comes with a soft-boiled egg and your choice of pork, chicken or tofu. Extra corn, seaweed, and fresh garlic are given for free.

I kept having to add water to my ramen because the broth was too salty, the noodles didn’t have the springy texture that noodles should have, and my soft boiled egg was cold 😦 Their fried rice was too salty as well.

Worth trying? I say nay (unless you’re vegan since most ramen places don’t offer that option).

Tatsu Ramen
7111 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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