Yakitori Kokko

I love this place so much I try to come here every time I’m in the bay.


Everything is good, but here are some must-gets!!

  • fried garlic
  • grilled okra
  • grilled leeks
  • bacon wrapped tomatoes
  • croquettes
  • takowasa
  • tori soboro don

If you like garlic, you’ll LOVE their fried garlic. I can eat these little golden nuggets endlessly.
The okra and leeks are grilled to perfection. Drizzle a little soy sauce on top of them and you’re good to go.
Bacon wrapped tomatoes. The slightly salty bacon with the sweet juiciness of the tomato.. Need I say more?
The potato and beef croquettes are shooo gewd. The outside is super crispy while the inside is nice and mushy.
Takowasa is raw octopus marinated in wasabi. It’ll be gone before you know it because this thing is addicting!
Tori soboro don is a ground chicken rice bowl topped with a quail egg (I like to ask for 2 eggs because I’m an egg fanatic). As simple as it may sound, this rice dish is deeelicious. The chicken is tender and slightly sweet, and the egg interacts with the chicken and rice to form a happy threesome (ho ho ho).

I can’t go to Kokko without at least ordering everything above. They also have stuff like cartilage, tongue, heart, and liver if you like those kinds of things. Besides those organ parts, there’s honestly nothing here that I don’t like! Prices are also very reasonable. I recommend going early because parking is limited, but there is a garage a couple blocks away if you don’t mind a little walking. And definitely try to make reservations because this place gets super busy, especially during the weekend!!

Yakitori Kokko
509 2nd Ave.
San Mateo, CA

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