Being in Santa Barbara is depressing sometimes because there is no. good. Asian food. anywhere. The restaurants that dooo exist are unfortunately not authentic (*sob). I’m sitting here on my chair literally counting down the days until spring break, when I can go home and eat legit Asian food again – like at Doori!



Although Korean restaurants often offer a lot of banchan (side dishes), Doori only gives four: 3 types of kimchi and either bean sprouts or fishcake. I believe this is because they like to keep things simple and have the kimchi act as a refreshing contrast to their soups, their specialty.

Samgaetang is Korean stuffed chicken soup. The whole chicken is filled with rice, garlic, jujube, ginseng, and green onion, making it a dish believed to help energize the body and prevent illness.

Unfortunately, the chicken of Doori’s samgaetang was dry when I went. I liked that the chicken was filled to the max, but the soup could’ve had more flavor.



Gamjatang is spicy Korean pork bone and potato stew. Like samgaetang, it is known as a nutritious dish. It’s one of my favorite Korean foods!

Usually it is made with pork spine or ribs, but I believe Doori uses neck bones. This is their most popular dish, so they often run out of it by the end of the day – sometimes even before dinner! They’re open from 6am (yes, 6am!!) to 10pm, so the earlier you go, the better. The meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and they give such a generous portion that one order can easily make two or three meals. The broth is hearty and flavorful, making it super comforting and satisfying. Yelp will tell you to get their sulungtang (beef bone soup), but believe me, the gamjatang is what you’re gonna want to order!

1811 W Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

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