Blue Line Pizza

This week was quite busy… in the sense of assignments, papers, meetings, and rain. Yup, no fun.

Did you all see how bad the weather was in the bay yesterday?

All those clouds gradually traveled down to SB last night and flooded my area too. I had neverrr seen it rain so much before! Winds went up to 40mph, so car alarms were randomly ringing and trees were falling in my neighborhood and on campus all night. Apparently, the rain went up to people’s knees, so some people took advantage of the weather and went kayaking in the streets LOL. As they say, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right?

But the thing is, I’m not a rain person. Not. At. All. Rainy weather dampens my mood and makes life seem depressing and physically more difficult (walking, driving, etc). I just can’t make lemonade out of it! This week was already stressful in terms of school, so imagine my delight when it started raining here.

The only time I like it is when I’m dry and warm, indoors and in bed, with lots of blankets, hot tea/coffee, and Netflix. Ooh with some noodle soup too. Add some freshly baked sweet potatoes and brownies to all of that, and I’m in heaven~

It rained a little this morning, but it’s been gone for the day AND I’ve turned in all of my assignments so now I can finally say, HAPPY FRIDAYYY!!

Winter break is sooooo close, I can almost taste the cheese and cornmeal crust of my favorite pizza place in the bay…

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Blue Line Pizza! 

Their cheesy garlic bread is basically a mini pizza, topped with a generous amount of garlic and ooeey gooey mozzarella. The marinara sauce that comes with it helps balance off the heaviness of the cheese.


Pesto Chicken (Thin Crust)

This pizza has pesto, roasted chicken, mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions. You can really see how generous they are with their toppings! Also, their chicken is never dry. The only thing that would make this pizza better is if they add a little more pesto 🙂

On a different day, we had their White Pie, which has garlic infused olive oil, zucchini, tomatoes, and feta:

White Pie

White Pie (Thin Crust)

The roasted zucchini and fresh tomatoes married together nicely, and the use of feta further allowed the two veggies to shine.

But as delicious as their thin crust pizzas are, there is something you MUST get at Blue Line:


Mediterranean Chicken (Deep Dish)

Let’s take a moment and look at this thing. If I were the size of a pea, I would have so much fun diving into this pool of marinara sauce and mingling with (and eating) the endless roasted chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, and red bell pepper.


Of course, I’d say hi to the green olives, onions, and feta too. Afterwards, I would rest on top of the cornmeal crust for a good 5 seconds before devouring it. You know how some pizza places’ crusts taste like flavorless chewy bread? That’s certainly not the case with Blue Line. If you don’t like their crust, then I’ll eat it alll for you because their cornmeal crust is ah-mazing.

The quality of their food is one thing, but their service is another. Their service is spectacular. The servers are alwayss smiling and courteous! Even though Blue Line is a casual pizza place and not some fancy upscale New American type place, you can tell that they want you to have the best dining experience possible. One time, the server came to us as we were almost halfway done eating our first pizza and asked if our second hadn’t come out yet. When we said it hadn’t, she came back promptly and apologized, saying that there had been a mistake so they had taken it off the bill and were making the second pizza for us at that moment. She is only one example of how sweet all the servers are!

No matter what day of the week or time you go, you’ll get A+ food and service at Blue Line. With both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as being kid and dog friendly and having a full bar, this place is great for everyone. Now go get yourself some New York and Chicago style pizza!

Blue Line Pizza
1108 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010

*Blue Line Pizza is a sister restaurant of Little Star, and they have several locations in the bay.

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