Amami Sushi

I present to you…
One of the best places you can get sushi in the peninsula!
(The following pictures are compiled from a few different visits)


Spanish Toro

On this day, we arrived so late that they ran out of fish to serve omakase. Nonetheless, we had a very good experience with the fish they had left. The toro literally melted in our mouths.




Baby Lobster


Blue Shrimp


I don’t remember what the name of this one was, sorry!

Hamachi Three Ways

Hamachi Three Ways

Chef Alan felt bad we could not have omakase, so he kindly offered us hamachi three ways instead. The fish was served as sashimi, nigiri, and as a carpaccio.

If their omakase isss available when you go, definitely get it because you’ll be getting high quality fish for the cheap price of $30! And a gunk of fresh wasabi on the side hehe.



On this day, the omakase featured three different types of salmon, along with tuna, hamachi, shrimp, and more. Unfortunately, they didn’t have uni that day 😦



Buuuuuut they did on this day!! Just look at that uni overflowing. If they have uni available, you can expect to get a generous portion of it hehe.

Service is inconsistent and can be pretty slow if you sit at the tables here. As always, I recommend sitting at the bar and ordering omakase. Not only will you get better service, but it’s also nice to see the chef make your food and to be able to converse with him ^__^

1789 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

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