Cryo Cream

If you live in the bay and love ice cream, you probably know about Smitten in SF.



Cryo Cream, located in the Peninsula, also sells ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and is a cheaper alternative to Smitten!

Their ice cream is super creamy and smooth. I recommend the Vietnamese Coffee and Cookies & Cream! Blueberry was my favorite, but unfortunately, it has looong been gone from their menu (le sigh). A small, pictured above, is about $4 and can easily be shared between two people. In fact, I find it best to share a small with one other person because the ice cream melts fast..! Their quick service and color changing spoons help overshadow the melting factor, though.


I even brought the spoon home because I thought it was so cool HAHA. Hoping to try Green Tea or Philz Mint Mojito next time I go teheh.

Cryo Cream
240 Park Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010

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