Belly Good Cafe & Crepes


Here, you’ll find some of the cutest crepes you’ll ever see.


Each Japanese style crepe is decorated with an animal face, whether you get it wrapped or on a plate. If you want to make your own crepe instead of choosing an option from their menu, you can pick an ice cream flavor and a sauce to go with it for $4.50, with fruit and toppings available for an additional cost.

Compared to French style crepes, Japanese style crepes are made with less butter, are more crispy, and are made portable so that you could eat them while walking (which explains their ice cream cone form).

Although Belly Good’s crepes look belly good (harharhar), their crepe quality could use some improvement. Their crepes are soft, chewy, and not that flavorful. The texture turns soggy very quickly, making it harder to eat because it can’t support the ice cream that well. I prefer Sophie’s (located in the same building) for their crispy gelato-filled crepes! However, Belly Good is a great place to go to for ice cream and picture-perfect creations ^__^

Belly Good Cafe & Crepes
1737 Post St
Ste 393
San Francisco, CA 94115

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