Manmi Bakery

Ever get a cream puff and find a lot of it filled with air, leaving you in disappointment?


That’s never the case with Manmi Bakery! Here, the cream puffs are literally perfect


Once you bite through their flaky shells, you’ll find that they’re generously filled with fresh cream. Not only is the cream smooth and rich, but it’s also not too sweet! Whether you eat them at room temperature, chilled, or frozen, you’ll find that it’s impossible to eat just one (I like them chilled the most hehe). You’ll probably find yourself buying more than one anyway since you can get three of these babies for only $1!

They also have cookies, cakes, and different pastries filled with red bean, pumpkin, sweet potato, coffee, and more.  Just make sure to come with cash because they’re cash only 🙂

Manmi Bakery
8942 Garden Grove
Garden Grove, CA 92844

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