Crushcakes & Cafe


Left: Buttermilk Crumb Cake
Right: Crushcake (Red Velvet)

There are four things I measure a good cupcake by:

  • Cake – is it moist or dry, baked properly, etc
  • Frosting – is it creamy or grainy, reasonable ratio to cake, etc
  • Flavor – flavor profile, level of sweetness
  • Quality – ex: real butter, high quality chocolate, etc

I’ve tried this place with somewhat high expectations since they’ve been on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars (twice!), but they lost me with their frosting. You’ll find that some cupcakes are dry while others are moist because of inconsistent baking, but other than that, their cake is pretty good. But the frosting… I always take off most of it on cupcakes, but I find myself taking all of Crushcakes’ off because it’s sooooo sweet!! It makes me feel like I’m throwing half the cupcake away because they give such an unnecessarily excessive amount. Aside from the sweetness, the frosting is a bit too grainy for my taste.

As for quality, however, I love that they make their cupcakes “from scratch each morning using REAL butter, sifted harvest flour, melted Belgian chocolate & freshly pureed fruit.” They could also make them vegan or gluten-free upon request! If you have a big sweet tooth and are looking for high quality cupcakes, give this place a try.

Crushcakes & Cafe
1315 Anacapa St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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