Gorilla BBQ


Brisket w/ Mac & Cheese and Eggplant

Excuse me, Ms. Eggplant, you’re blocking my readers from seeing Mr. Brisket. Is it weird that I like to refer to food as people? What other way to properly introduce them to my dear stomach? Heh.

Ribs w/ Mac & Cheese and Mushrooms

Hot Links and Ribs w/ Mac & Cheese and Mushrooms

The meat at Gorilla BBQ is soooo moist and tender! They’re flavorful enough for you to enjoy the taste of the meat by itself, but bland enough for you to have it with their special BBQ sauce. I like how they give you their sauce on the side for you to dip the meat in. The sauce is perfectly tangy, garlicky, smokey, and not too sweet.

For sides, the balsamic-marinated eggplant and mushrooms are good, but their mac & cheese is the best! Each bite will bring a cheese party into your mouth, especially because they bake the mac & cheese with crushed goldfish crackers. The goldfish create a slightly crunchy texture and add even more flavor ^____^ The beans and rice are pretty flavorless, but the cornbread is tasty and has actual corn kernels in it.

Part of this place’s charm is that it’s a bright orange train car on the side of a highway and take-out only. There are wooden tables outside you could eat at, but dress warmly since it’s usually cold in Pacifica. And come early because they close when they run out of food!

Gorilla BBQ
2145 Coast Hwy 1
Pacifica, CA 94044

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