Mo Ran Gak

Wow, today was hot. You know what would’ve been nice to have today?
A nice big bowl of naengmyun.

Bibim Naengmyun (Spicy Cold Noodles)

Bibim Naengmyun (Spicy Cold Noodles)

Mo Ran Gak’s food and service are top notchI love the variety of side dishes they provide, which include fish cake, mung bean jelly, AND a free mini pancake! They also give you a small pot of beef broth to have while you wait for your food.

As for their naengmyun, the noodles have a great texture because they are perfectly firm and chewy. Their sauce for their bibim naengmyun is sweet but not too sweet, unlike other places I’ve tried (I wish it could be a little more spicy though). The shaved cucumber and pear slices add a nice refreshing crunch to the dish. And if the big portion they give you isn’t enough, you could get another small bowl of noodles for free! They’re so generous ^__^ can’t wait to go there again!

Mo Ran Gak
9651 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844


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