Did You Know?

That Korea has a surplus of sweet potatoes?

You can find them everywhere!! Literally. Everywhere. And I love it ohhh man, do I love it. Even reading the word “sweet potato” on a menu makes me happy, so I was ecstatic to see it in so many places in Seoul!

To give you a look at what Korea has to offer:

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Danish

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Danish

Looking at pictures from my trip there a couple years ago makes me wanna go back so badly..

Sweet Potato Latte

Sweet Potato Latte

This warm and comforting drink is easy to make at home, so look out for a recipe soon!

Sweet Potato Cheese Donkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

Sweet Potato Cheese Donkatsu (Pork Cutlet)

Yes, there was sweet potato and cheese inside of this normal looking donkatsu. I should’ve taken a picture of the inside but I only thought of doing that after I finished it. Oops! Next time 🙂


“I can taste it already..”

Wearing bunny ears because this was taken at Lotte World heh. Wanna know what I’m looking at?

This beauty right here:

Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Pizza


Although Korea has lots of yummy food, I wouldn’t mind going there just to eat their sweet potato snacks and dishes ^__^ I lurve them.

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