Purple Kow

Purple Kow is one of the most famous milk tea places in San Francisco.

Front: High Mountain Oolong Crema Back: Iced Milk

Front: High Mountain Oolong Crema
Back: Iced Milk

However, I believe this place is way overrated. The wait in line to order is super long. The wait to get your drink is even longer. And you think you’d be happy to finally get your drink after an hour wait, but nope, that happiness goes away as soon as you taste it because the drinks aren’t good either (sorry if I’m being too harsh here). I tried several different drinks from this place, hoping to find something I’d like, but all of them confirmed my feelings about this place.

If you want to make this on your own, simply mix milk + cream + maple syrup because that’s literally what it tasted like. It was extremely sweet and made me feel sick. Don’t spend money on this because you could easily make your own version of it at home.

This one was alright. The tea flavor was subtle, but the sweetness was (barely) tolerable and didn’t make me want to gag like the Iced Milk did.

The crema drinks are made of tea topped off with their homemade whipped cream. Follow their recommendation – don’t mix it and drink it without a straw. The foamy cream created an interesting experience as it mixed with the tea, but there was nothing particularly special about it because it tasted like regular heavy whipping milk you can buy at a store. I tried their matcha crema too, and that time the cream tasted so unpleasantly fatty that I drank the tea without it.

Even my friends, who can tolerate sweet things much more than I can, agreed with me about the Iced Milk. A lot of them actually preferred my crema instead! The crema is the only thing I would get from here again.. That is, IF I ever come here again. Sorry Purple Kow, not a fan.

Purple Kow
3620 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA 94121
(they also have a location in Berkeley)

*People compare Purple Kow to Half & Half in SoCal, and I’ll just say here that I gave Half & Half a few tries too and I don’t like that place either. They’re both way too sweet for me even if I ask for less sugar 😦

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