Blueberry Donut Battle: M&M vs. SK

Let’s begin with M&M:

I’ve never had to wait more than an hour there, but I know people who’ve waited 2+ hours for these donuts. I think those people are crazy though because as delicious as these donuts are, I’d rather wait over an hour for food like steak or sushi (teehee). But the fireworks going off at Disney will help the time pass by depending on when you’re there!

My friend delivered a box of these to me once and even though they had been sitting in his car for literally half a day by the time I got them, popping them in the microwave for 30 seconds each made them almost as good as they are when they’re fresh.


They ARE dense and sweet tho so one is always good enough for me. I recommend having them with a big glass of cold milk (I prefer silk vanilla soy).

At SK:

A guy came in and greeted the girl as she was getting my order that day. He seemed to be a regular.

Girl: Do you want blueberry donuts like last time?
Guy: Hmmm idk, maybe something different this time
Me: Oh, do you guys have any left? (I hadn’t seen them on the display)
Girl: Yeah, but only one.. (which is probably why I missed it)
*guy and I both turned, looked at each other, and said “oh”
Me:  You can have it!
Guy: Haha it’s okay, you can
Me: Ahhh are you sure?
Guy: Yeah, go for it!

He was so kind hehe. I had already gotten their last strawberry and red velvet (in addition to a couple other ones), so I guess you can say that day was my lucky day! The donut had a light texture but was full of flavor.

So who wins this donut battle?

The winner is: SK (ding ding ding!)

Both places bake their blueberry donuts, but I like how SK’s are as good but less sweet than M&M’s.

I also like how SK offers a variety of donuts, from the typical glazed and sugar, to more interesting ones, like maple bacon and coconut glazed. The only downside is that they’re cash only, but they do have an ATM inside. And they’re open 24/7, which is always a plus!

*They were known for their blueberry donuts the time I went, but they seem to be popular for their cronuts now. I haven’t found a cronut that I like yet, so I’ll try SK’s and give you guys a review the next time I go!

M&M Donuts
1614 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

SK Donuts & Croissant
5850 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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