Something You Should Know About Me…

is that I loooove sweet potatoes! If I were to choose only one food to have for the rest of my life, it would be sweet potatoes without a doubt (sushi comes in a close second, though). I can eat them hot or cold, with the skin on or off, and in any shape or form. Not only are they versatile and taste amazing, but they are healthy too! Benefits include:

  • Vitamin A, which strengthens the body’s immune system and keeps skin healthy.
  • Vitamin B6, which fights against homocysteine, a chemical that has been linked to degenerative diseases. B6 plays an important role for proper nerve function as well.
  • Vitamin C, which ensures healthy bone and tooth formation. It also helps with digestion, heals wounds, produces collagen, lowers stress levels, and protects the body against cancer-related toxins.
  • Vitamin D, which helps with energy levels and moods. It is essential for a healthy heart, nerves, skin, thyroid, and bone and tooth formation.
  • Fiber, which normalizes bowel movements, lowers cholesterol levels, and helps regulate blood glucose levels.
  • Iron, which provides energy, red and white blood cell production, and decreased stress levels.
  • Magnesium, which alleviates constipation and prevents stress, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and diabetes.
  • Potassium, which lowers blood pressure and ensures proper function of the brain, central nervous system, and the heart.
  • Sporamins, which reduce the effects of aging and disease.
  • Batatosides, which have antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Cyanidins and Peonidins, which reduce health risks from heavy metals.
  • Manganese, which generates energy and stabilizes appetite.

Need I say more? They truly are the perfect food!! (and the purple ones are my absolute favorite)

Despite all the ways they can be prepared, there is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, more alluring than a baked sweet potato fresh out of the oven, whose skin peels off to reveal a beautifully caramelized golden brown interior, oozing with natural nectar and filling the room with its heavenly aroma..

Yes, I’m crazy about them.

Know any sweet potato dishes that I need to try? Or simply share the same love for them as I do? Feel free to leave me a comment!

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